Do You Need To Include an RSVP Card In Your Invitation Suite?

The term RSVP stands for a French phrase "repondez s’il vous plaît" which means “please respond”, and this is exactly the purpose of an RSVP. Having your guests respond with a simple “yes” or “no” as to whether or not they will be turning up is a crucial step in your planning.

It’s totally up to you whether you’re going to include the RSVP info on your invite or on a separate card; it depends on the sort of wedding you are planning, the guests you will be inviting, how much information you’d like your guests to respond with, and the overall aesthetic that you are going for. Multiple items in your suite can make it feel more luxurious and exciting than a single card on its own. 

Floral single sided RSVP with meal options and white envelope

Single sided floral RSVP with meal options and white return envelope


Boho rustic invitation suite with burgundy and blush watercolour florals and navy blue background5 piece rustic boho burgundy and blush floral invitation suite with navy background and RSVP postcard and translucent belly band 

Take advantage of the space afforded by an individual RSVP card to include meal preference, allergy info, or even a song request. Your guests can respond via text, email, or you can go the classic route and have them mail their RSVP card back to you with their selections made in pen.

There are two main types of RSVP cards: 1) a double-sided postcard with postage stamp (reply paid), or 2) a single-sided RSVP with reply envelope and reply postage stamp. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to include everything your guests need to respond, because you don’t want your guests to have to source their own stamps.

Geometric blush and watercolour greenery RSVP options with postcard and single sided with white envelope

Greenery and blush RSVP design style with postcard and single-sided options

Single Sided greenery and blush RSVP reply card with meal choice icons

A standard RSVP reply card with meal and song choices for guests

Blush geometric watercolour floral wedding invitation suite with RSVP postcard, details, wishing well and belly band

Geometric 5 piece wedding invitation suite with RSVP postcard and belly band

While it's not necessary to include a separate RSVP card, it is necessary to provide a date for your guests to respond by. A separate RSVP card allows you to give your guests meal or song choices, and put a bit more personality into your suite.

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