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The Ultimate Mediterranean Honeymoon On Crete Island, Greece

The Ultimate Mediterranean Honeymoon On Crete Island Greece

There are few places on earth more romantic than the Greek islands, from crystal blue water and pink sand beaches to old Venetian architecture and fresh local food, it's hard to imagine a better island to spend your honeymoon than Crete, Greece. Whether you're staying a week or a month, here are some recommendations for spending your time during your stay.

Get lost together in the vibrant streets of Chania

The old town in Chania is a great place to begin your adventure and the perfect base to do a number of day trips. Stay in a 16th century Venetian apartment and explore the winding laneways. You'll be captivated by this town and the magic it oozes. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and your sense of adventure.

Walk Around Old Town Chania

Colourful Streets Old Town Chania Crete

Visit the old Venetian Lighthouse

Stroll along the harbour and you will find the old Venetian lighthouse, originally built in the 16th century for protection. It's well worth a walk to the end as the views of the harbour are spectacular.

Chania Crete Old Venetian Lighthouse Harbour

Fill your bellies with the fresh local food

Chania is home to a wide variety of food options from traditional to touristy, with minimal fast food outlets. Look for the places where the locals are eating, find a shady spot to share a gyros, or enjoy fresh seafood by the ancient Venetian harbour. Visit the old Chania market to stock up on aromatic spices and grab a bottle of Cretan olive oil to take home in your checked baggage. There is a reason Greece is one of the top three olive oil-producing countries in the world, because it's amazing!

Eat Local Greek Food

Local Greek Fruit

Hire a car and explore the island

Crete is actually a large island at 8,336 km² and is home to a number of cities, towns and tourist destinations. If you have the time to spare and you're a confident driver, hiring a car is a great way to see all that the island has to offer. If driving in a foreign country isn't your thing, use the public buses, taxi or join a day tour.  

Crete Road Trip Greece

Swim in the Mediterranean sea

There are many beaches on Crete, and ideally you'll get the chance to visit a number of them. If we only had time to visit one beach on the island, it would have to be Elafonisi. The famous pink and white sand beach is a short 75km from Chania and is accessible via public bus or hired car. Bring towels, sunglasses, some sunscreen, swim wear and a pair of thongs each. Consider leaving your valuables in the apartment, because it's easier to relax without worrying about your camera on the beach while you're in the water. It does get crowded in the high season, but if you make your way to the nearby Elafonisi island it's much quieter. Depending on the tide, you may be able to walk or wade over.

Balos Beach Crete Greece

Crystal Blue Water Crete Beaches

Step back in time at The Palace of Knossos

Located south of modern-day Heraklion lies the remnants of The Palace of Knossos, built by a civilisation that we call the Minoans. Once considered only a myth and legend, Knossos is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and is called Europe's oldest city.

 Knossos Crete Oldest City Europe

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