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How To Have A Modern Minimalist Wedding

It's very easy to over-do a wedding. What's that saying... "less is more"? When there is just too much going on, all of the fuss can end up making the wedding feel tacky or old fashioned. The modern minimalist wedding is a remedy to these cluttered weddings of yesterday and aims to convey a feeling of effortless simplicity and elegance. The modern minimalist bride does not make a fuss, and yet exudes polished perfection. 


Really you can achieve a modern wedding anywhere that suits the couple's personality with the right approach. An urban venue with an undeniable modern feel and a cityscape backdrop is perfect. Some couples to prefer to utilise nature or somewhere of significance, like their home.

Modern Wedding Location Cityscape Blog The Printable ShopRelaxed park venue in Sydney. Photo via Folk and Follow Photography.
Modern Vineyard Wedding VenueModern vineyard venue in the Yarra Valley. Photo via Ezard at Levantine Hill Weddings.


Opt for a simple design and allow the beauty of the paper to have its moment. Avoid lengthy wording on your wedding invitations and unnecessary stationery items for the sake of tradition; strip everything back to the bare basics. 

Modern Wedding Stationery Transparent Blog The Printable ShopPhoto and designs via The Printable Shop
White Ink Invitation: S H O P  H E R E
White Ink Save the Date: S H O P  H E R E    
White Ink Details Card: S H O P  H E R E 

Modern Wedding InvitationPhoto and designs via The Printable Shop
Invitation: S H O P  H E R E

The Bride

The bridal gown should be simple and chic. Many modern brides are leaving the veil and opting for natural hair and make up.

Modern Wedding Dress Blog The Printable Shop
Photo and 'Summer' gown via Grace Loves Lace.

Modern Frilly Wedding DressPhoto and 'Leanne' Gown via Prea James.


You won't find any fussy, fiddly, outdated decor items at a modern wedding. Often the colour theme is monochromatic with plenty of greenery, but colour can also be incorporated into the theme. Clean lines and geometric patterns can work, or perhaps even a more industrial feel is in order.

Juxtapose different textures against each other; rough grey stone against cold stainless steel, smooth marble against hand woven fabric. Natural against artificial. But don't be afraid of white space: leaving a lot of emptiness in the room is key to achieving the minimalist vibe.

Because the emphasis is on quality over quantity there is more responsibility on each piece of decor to pull the theme off credibly, so choose wisely.

Modern Wedding Table Decor Blog The Printable ShopPhoto via Style Me Pretty

Modern Wedding MenuPhoto and menu design via The Printable Shop
Wedding Menu: S H O P  H E R E

Traditional wedding tropes don't need to be obeyed. The modern bride is forward thinking and doesn't concern herself with traditions because 'that's what you do'. She takes matters into our own hands and plans a wedding that reflects hers and her partner's simple love for each other.