• Get a Print Sample - Digital or White Ink Printing

Get a Print Sample - Digital or White Ink Printing

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Afraid of commitment? See our amazing print, paper and design quality for yourself. 

How it Works:

  • Receive a discount when you return and place your full order. After receiving your samples and upon placing a full order with us, use the provided discount code and receive $15 Aud. off your order.

  • This sample is for digital or white ink printing and includes 2 x invitation designs printed onto the paper stock of your choice.

  • Add as many envelope samples from the options as you'd like to see.

  • Samples come with standard wording and are not personally customised.

  • To purchase more sample prints, please re-add this product to your cart for however many you want to see printed. We provide samples in sets of 2. For example, 4 samples you will need to add this product to your cart twice.